South India Tour – Explore The Natural Beauty And Spirituality Of The Place

You can explore the beauty of the South India by some of its awe-inspiring beaches, hill stations and backwaters. There are many too do list if you are in the South India like the rugged forests in the Western Ghats, the amazing backwaters in Kerala and the adventurous activities. The hill stations in the south include Munnar and Thekkady. It is the place for the famous Periyar Wildlife sanctuary that is the home of the Indian tigers. A boat ride in the lakes can help you to search the wild animals in the natural habitats. You may also see some of the animals that one can hardly see nowadays like wild boar, antelopes and many other birds and animals.

South India Tour

Some of the places of attractions for all the nature lovers in the South India are the Mudumalai National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. You can explore the fauna and flora of the place and enjoy the charm of the place. There are some spots that has been unexploited by the tourists even today. The wildlife sanctuaries are the home of some of the endangered specifies and they enable you to know more about some indigenous plants and animals.

South India is also known for some massive temples that were constructed during the royal rule. Some of them include Meenakshi Temple, Thirupathi Balaji, Rock Fort temple and many others. Some of the well-crafted monuments reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country. The monuments have stood the test of time and are the cultural hallmark of the nation and it needs to be preserved. You can have the most enjoyable experience in the houseboat cruise in the Aleppey backwaters. The backwaters are usually lined with the coconut palms and green paddy fields and farms that look like an oil painting with many colours.

One of the best way in which you can explore the beauty of backwaters upfront is the houseboat cruise. You can carry out many activities in a very massive boat and capture some of the sights of natural beauty like rising and setting down of sun, fishmen doing fishing and many other things that surround you. South India tour is the best way in which you can discover the history and culture of the place. It will be the best value for your money.

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