Indian Tour Packages: The True Glossary

It has been rightly said that “There are no foreign lands; it’s the visitor that is foreign!” The saying goes extremely true when it comes to country like India, where visitors are considered to be God. Well, for beauty and natural views, India has it all and to showcase you this beauty with a glimpse of every spectacular view, there are numerous Indian Tour Packages. Whether you are travelling to Kashmir or want to see the natural sites of Kanyakumari, opting for an Indian tour package is better than going for “Do it All” by yourself. Tour packages make the entire ride comfortable and hassle free. However, there are few things that must be kept in mind before choosing your Indian Tour package:

Indian Tour Packages

  • Know the difference between ‘Seeing’ and ‘Visiting’. While merely seeing a spot means you will be shown the place from a distance, the word visiting means you will actually be present at the place and enjoy your stay there for few hours or minutes!
  • Hotel, Airline, Restaurants: These things should come handy to you and you must always check whether the accommodation is nearby the major attractions. Otherwise more time will be wasted in travelling. Moreover, it’s best to know the restaurant and airlines as well for your taste and comfort.
  • Know the Meal term: There can be two types of meals on a tour. Either they will take you to some “Sit and eat kind of place” or for the worse, they might distribute the meal boxes. You must confirm in both the cases and be clear of the menu.
  • Shopping Places: The worst case that can happen to you is that your agent for the Indian Tour Package will take you deliberately to some expensive place to shop (for his pocket’s sake!) Ask them clearly about such possibilities as it’s about your hard earned money.
  • One more thing before complying with some tour package company be clear of one thing that none of the packages (most of them) do not include any tip money. You need to shed your own money as a tip to hotel or cab driver.
  • Try to book a package well in advanced to avoid any last minute miss outs. Otherwise, chances are high that you will end up getting what you had not wanted. Especially if you have planned a trip during the rush season.
  • Choosing and picking an Indian Tour package at least 2 months before usually helps to land up in a better and cheaper deal. They are far cheaper than last moment deal.
  • It’s best to tell your friends and family about the entire itinerary so that in emergency they are unable to contact you, they can reach your whereabouts and nearby people.

  • While these were some of the things that we tend to overlook while booking a package. Maximize the fun and minimize the risk by choosing most affordable and best Indian Tour Packages.

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