Indian Adventure Tour Packages: Things You Must Have

India, a country that is made by God actually! It has landscape, planes, deserts, beaches and adventurous places for trips and picnics. Once you have a planned to visit or explore India you need to decide what kind of Indian Adventure Tour Packages you had liked to take a plunge into. Excitement is all time high when you are gearing up for an adventurous trip. There are so many things that one must know and keep with themselves before you go for the expedition. Here is a quick look at the things that you must carry on your Indian Adventure Tour Package:

Adventure Tour Packages

Be cool casual:

An adventure trip is all about uneven roads, bumpy rides, long walks, trekking, expeditions and a lot more. Wearing something that requires efforts to handle yourself is definitely not a good choice for you. Try to wear something that is comfortable, casual and looks cool. In fact, your boots, shoes, sandal or footwear matter a lot. Always wear something that does not take toll over you while you are walking or climbing. Make the trip a fun and wear sports shoes or sneakers that don’t hurt your feet.

Travel with light weight

Since you are going for adventures you have to carry your own luggage and baggage. Isn’t it enough to travel it light and get less tired? Avoid any extra clothes, shoes, stuff that is not useful or can be purchased handy. Nice tees, beautiful clothes, your favorite shoes can be worn any other day.


Keeping a bottle of water with you is never a bad idea. While you are on a trekking trip or mountain biking carry more water than food! Not only water helps to cleanse your body but also helps in case of dehydration, weakness and other issues. Food can always be arranged from anywhere.

Other essentials

A first aid box is must on an adventure trip as there are always chances of injuries and bruises. You should carry bug repellants, handy torch for low light areas, toiletries, and antiseptics along with sanitizers. Moreover, if you are not wishing to get back with a highly tanned skin then its best to carry a sunscreen lotion bottle with you.

Keep recovery kits handy

Be it a bike or a car, recovery kit must be kept handy as you never know when you will be needing it. You should make sure that you are always carrying a list of important contact numbers including the hospital, friends, nearby people to be contacted in case of emergency.


Though no one forgets it but still a reminder that one must always carry a camera to capture the memorable moments, picturesque scenes and beautiful sceneries so that you can have golden memories forever with you! Do not hesitate while you explore new locations and take diversions. You never know what more exciting is yet to come. Choose the best Indian Adventure Tour Packages to leverage the excitement.

Indian Tour Packages: The True Glossary

It has been rightly said that “There are no foreign lands; it’s the visitor that is foreign!” The saying goes extremely true when it comes to country like India, where visitors are considered to be God. Well, for beauty and natural views, India has it all and to showcase you this beauty with a glimpse of every spectacular view, there are numerous Indian Tour Packages. Whether you are travelling to Kashmir or want to see the natural sites of Kanyakumari, opting for an Indian tour package is better than going for “Do it All” by yourself. Tour packages make the entire ride comfortable and hassle free. However, there are few things that must be kept in mind before choosing your Indian Tour package:

Indian Tour Packages

  • Know the difference between ‘Seeing’ and ‘Visiting’. While merely seeing a spot means you will be shown the place from a distance, the word visiting means you will actually be present at the place and enjoy your stay there for few hours or minutes!
  • Hotel, Airline, Restaurants: These things should come handy to you and you must always check whether the accommodation is nearby the major attractions. Otherwise more time will be wasted in travelling. Moreover, it’s best to know the restaurant and airlines as well for your taste and comfort.
  • Know the Meal term: There can be two types of meals on a tour. Either they will take you to some “Sit and eat kind of place” or for the worse, they might distribute the meal boxes. You must confirm in both the cases and be clear of the menu.
  • Shopping Places: The worst case that can happen to you is that your agent for the Indian Tour Package will take you deliberately to some expensive place to shop (for his pocket’s sake!) Ask them clearly about such possibilities as it’s about your hard earned money.
  • One more thing before complying with some tour package company be clear of one thing that none of the packages (most of them) do not include any tip money. You need to shed your own money as a tip to hotel or cab driver.
  • Try to book a package well in advanced to avoid any last minute miss outs. Otherwise, chances are high that you will end up getting what you had not wanted. Especially if you have planned a trip during the rush season.
  • Choosing and picking an Indian Tour package at least 2 months before usually helps to land up in a better and cheaper deal. They are far cheaper than last moment deal.
  • It’s best to tell your friends and family about the entire itinerary so that in emergency they are unable to contact you, they can reach your whereabouts and nearby people.

  • While these were some of the things that we tend to overlook while booking a package. Maximize the fun and minimize the risk by choosing most affordable and best Indian Tour Packages.

Best Indian Tour Packages: Why Choose India?

With its root of Indian history, ancient times, deep culture and traditional roots, India is a land of spiritual blessings and worth visiting. Best Indian tour packages will showcase what India is all about and why it is unlike any other place on the earth. Whosoever has visited country India, they all bespoke of our traditions, customs, and history. The place is admired all round the world. Lets us describe why best Indian Tour packages are the best way to explore the entire India:

Best Indian Tour Packages

  • Diversity: India means incredible and unimagined diversity all bounded by unity. The best Indian Tour packages will take you on a ride of cultural indifferences of every regions, countless cultures, languages and landscapes.
  • Successes, Failures and history, you will get to see all in India. India is one of the oldest surviving countries, with a long tail of civilizations, regions, and cultural wealth.
  • Not all the best Indian tour packages will take you through the wealthy states and cultural monuments, but folk art is something that is found in rural communities and is lively enough to speak much.
  • One thing that every tour package makes sure is a visit to the world heritage moment and wonder building – The Taj Mahal. Architectural art and a true portrait of love, Taj Mahal will leave any one jaw dropped.
  • The best time to book the best Indian tour packages is to choose when religious festivals are going on. Throughout the year, some or other festivals are going on and people from different religions and walk of life celebrate and enjoy them.
  • Guest is God for Indians and that’s why every single arrival in India will receive true respect and care from Indians. There is nothing that can beat Indian hospitality.
  • Indian Food: It is lavishing, mouth watering, sweet, salty, and spicy and every single adjective of flavor you have came across till now. Taste rich flavors in a single plate.
  • A place for religion and religious beliefs, India is a combination of multiple beliefs. Best Indian tour packages will ensure that you have a glimpse of all of them and feel the divine.
  • Get the glimpse of world’s rarest of wildlife species in India, as the country hosts a wide number of seasons and wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, zoo and other museums showcasing them.

There are good enough reasons to book some Best India tour packages with professionals and discover the unknown stories, histories of India.

The Flavours And Experiences Of South India

South India is a unique experience with a distinctly different culture, lifestyle, cuisine, history, and is home to some of the superb classical dance and music forms of India. The southern part of India forms a great heritage but along with this it’s beaches, mountains (Yes mountains!), National parks offer a diversity which is unmatched. But for a snapshot of some of the best experience that this region has to offer a south India tour covering the Golden Triangle of Bangalore, Ooty and Mysore as well as Kerala is a must.

South India Tours


The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore, combines the best of natural beauty, wonderful climate and a modern thriving city. In fact Bangalore has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of India.

Kempe Gowda, an official of the Vijayanagar Empire, was the founder of the city.

The places one must visit on a trip to Bangalore would include The Bull Temple, Tipu’s Palace Bangalore Palace, and the Bannerghatta National Park.

Bangalore also has a thriving nightlife with innumerable pubs and restaurants strewn across the city. The City is home to numerous IT and MNC companies and this gives it a distinct cosmopolitan Yuppie culture.


Ooty it is also known as the Queen of Hill Stations in the South. Lush greenery , pleasant climate, beautiful gardens, and quaint cottages give it a charm of its own. The summer palaces of the former Maharajas are now converted into hotels and are a big draw with tourists. The Nilgiri library has a picture gallery which will take you down memory lane. Udhagamandalam the botanical Gardens is a favourite with tourists.


Mysore is also known as the ‘City Of Palace’ and was the capital of the Wodeyar kings.The Mysore Palace has often been compared with the Buckingham Palace in England. Mysore casts a spell on the tourist with its heritage architecture and imposing palaces, superb gardens, and beautiful temples with their festivals and celebrations.
The must see places in and around Mysore are the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills,Vrindavan Gardens, Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole National and the B. R. Hills


No south India Tour would be complete without a visit to ‘Gods own country -Kerala’. The exotic houseboat hotels which travel leisurely down the backwaters, the lush greenery, and the laid back life style will cast spell on you! If you fancy the cooler climes go off to the picturesque Munnar . Add to this the superb and world famous beaches of Kerala and your dream destination is here!

The South has so much to offer that it is really very hard to pick a few places for the ideal South India Tour. We have zeroed in on just a few of the treasures of south India but you will have to keep coming back to explore all the corners of this marvellous region and of course the spicy Rasams and the fluffy Appams will no doubt add to the attraction!

The North Indian Golden Triangle Tour

A Legacy of India-the Golden Triangle

Any tourist coming to India should not miss the opportunity of experiencing the wonders of this golden triangle tour of northern India. The tour takes a visitor across three very culturally rich and distinctly diverse cities of this country- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The three cities represent the different influences that have shaped the history of this country- the British, the Moghul dynasties, and the Rajput era. Each of these has left a distinct stamp with their architecture, the arts and culture, cuisine and ways of life.

The North Indian Golden Triangle tour

The cities in the Golden Triangle tour are all within a few hours travelling distance of each other and a well-planned itinerary should not take more than 10 days to cover all these places.

Delhi, which is the capital city of India, represents a slice of the modern, aspirational India. Yet the city is a blend of tradition and modernity. Historic monuments from the Mughal era jostle for space with malls, clubs, markets and more. This city on the move gives a glimpse of the power potential future.

Delhi became the national capital during the British rule and their legacy lives on in the architecture of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and other important buildings dotted around the city.

There is an older Mughal history which has seeped into the culture and flavours of the city. The imposing monuments of Red fort, Purana Quilla, Humayun’s and Safdarjung’s tombs, Jama Masjid and so many other buildings scattered across parks and boulevards. A trip to the intricate and congested by-lanes of Purani Dilli area of Chandini Chowk is a must for the foodie-the well-known Karims restaurant is a case in point!

The culmination of Mughal architecture on display in Delhi would surely be the wondrous Taj Mahal at Agra—a UNESCO Heritage Monument. This ‘Eternal Monument to Love’built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal never fails to impress the visitor.

“The Taj Mahal rises above the banks of the river like a solitary tear suspended on the cheek of time.” ― Rabindranath Tagore

Fatehpur Sikri is also a must visit and is located 40km from Agra. If you linger a moment you can almost feel the presence of laughing princesses, mighty emperors chalking out grand war strategies and shady officials secretly planning uprisings- a place for love and a place for palace intrigues.

The Mughal elite certainly had a taste for the good life – well laid out gardens, musical soirees , harems, a taste for gourmet cuisine and other luxurious pastimes would occupy them whenever they found the time from rushing around on horses and conquering lands! A hotel worth mentioning in this regard is the ITC Mughal where you’ll be taken down memory lane and given a feel of this grand bygone era.

In fact, the hotel has so precisely recreated the trappings of the Mughal dynasty that it was the recipient of the Aga Khan Award for architecture in 1980. So for the tourist who would like a snapshot of India’s history as well as a feel of the aspirational contemporary modern India the Golden Triangle tour is a must.

South India Tour – Explore The Natural Beauty And Spirituality Of The Place

You can explore the beauty of the South India by some of its awe-inspiring beaches, hill stations and backwaters. There are many too do list if you are in the South India like the rugged forests in the Western Ghats, the amazing backwaters in Kerala and the adventurous activities. The hill stations in the south include Munnar and Thekkady. It is the place for the famous Periyar Wildlife sanctuary that is the home of the Indian tigers. A boat ride in the lakes can help you to search the wild animals in the natural habitats. You may also see some of the animals that one can hardly see nowadays like wild boar, antelopes and many other birds and animals.

South India Tour

Some of the places of attractions for all the nature lovers in the South India are the Mudumalai National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. You can explore the fauna and flora of the place and enjoy the charm of the place. There are some spots that has been unexploited by the tourists even today. The wildlife sanctuaries are the home of some of the endangered specifies and they enable you to know more about some indigenous plants and animals.

South India is also known for some massive temples that were constructed during the royal rule. Some of them include Meenakshi Temple, Thirupathi Balaji, Rock Fort temple and many others. Some of the well-crafted monuments reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country. The monuments have stood the test of time and are the cultural hallmark of the nation and it needs to be preserved. You can have the most enjoyable experience in the houseboat cruise in the Aleppey backwaters. The backwaters are usually lined with the coconut palms and green paddy fields and farms that look like an oil painting with many colours.

One of the best way in which you can explore the beauty of backwaters upfront is the houseboat cruise. You can carry out many activities in a very massive boat and capture some of the sights of natural beauty like rising and setting down of sun, fishmen doing fishing and many other things that surround you. South India tour is the best way in which you can discover the history and culture of the place. It will be the best value for your money.

Golden Triangle Tour India

One of the most customised tour package for the people who are visiting India first time in their life is the Golden Triangle tour. This package attracts not only the international tourists but also the domestic travellers who are looking for a short vacation. This package enables you to explore some of the best places of India like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur without giving too much consideration to price and time. This package is one of the most popular package as it gives you opportunity to explore three well known destinations of India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Golden Triangle Tour India

Delhi, the capital of the country, is found in the heart of the country. One can find the diversity of people who belonged to various caste and religion in Delhi. There are many places of sightseeing in Delhi like Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Garden of five senses, Akshardham temple and many others. It would take some three or four days for exploring the whole city.

The next destination that has been offered in this package is Agra. This city is most known for the wonderful architecture that can be seen in Taj Mahal. It is also enlisted as one among the seven wonders of the world. The artistic work of the monument attracts all the people and it has also gained international recognition. Another place of attraction in the city is the Agra Fort. On visiting the place, you cannot miss the most traditional and delicious food – Mughlai food. Some of the other places of attraction are the Fatehpur Sikri and the Akbar’s tomb.

Under the Golden Triangle Tour India package, the last destination is Jaipur. It is the most colourful city of the country. The city is known for its rich tradition and diversified culture. There are many heritage attractions in the city. You can find evidences of royal India in every corner of the city. Some of the places of attraction in the city are Jal Mahal. Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace and many others.

The best thing about the golden triangle tour is that if you have more than sufficient time and money, you can extend the itinerary. If you want to take vacation then opt for the Golden triangle tour for a more amazing experience. You can also add some of the destination and ask your tour operators to make necessary changes in your tour package.

How To Choose The Best Tour Packages In India

India is incredible; but to explore this country, one needs tour packages, as lowest prices, with most places to discover. We all have a thing for getting to know more places, in comparably spending less capital. So if you’re thinking to plan a tour in India, then you should do your research properly to make it more economic, fun and exciting. Let’s discuss how you can choose a best tour package.

Best Tour Packages In India


The most important factor is price that could influence your tour. First decide the place according to your budget. If you have decided to a place and want to spend the money you have thought, then it is time to search for best deals. Simply look for the best tour packages which are giving you most of your money.

You can compare different prices on internet from many websites, but I would suggest you to look for a tour package on The website is fully equipped with the features, and packages you’re looking for. The design of the website will make you easy to look for the package you’re searching for. You can compare packages and crack a best deal in the price range you have thought.


Since, when you have filtered some tour packages on the basis of price, now look for the facilities they’re giving you in that price range. On some packages, there are food facilities, on some there must be pick and drop, or some luxuries services. The secret of choosing a best package lies in making the perfect balance between price and facilities.

While choosing tour packages, go for the best hotels, in the price range, staying time, hotel services, and distance from the main city. All these factors contribute in making a best tor package. You can look on for every detail on a tour package.


The tour package should be easily available, and the services that come along with it should be good and accessible through your day. When you’re at different place, everything changes, so choose a tour package that is best molded according to you and your needs. helps you to find best package that includes everything you need. Availability and compatibility are the main factors while choosing for the tour packages. You can look for reviews on the tour packages, in case of any enquiry; you can ask for the help, the website is totally committed to help.

Tour packages are for fun, excitement, and exploring the place with your family. So be sure you don’t ruin it with improper research. You have to look for every detail in order to make it best tour you have been on. The website mentioned above is committed to give you best tour packages in India and successfully satisfied many customers. I hope you found these factors useful and will do proper research and give a chance to serve the website.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

Marriage is an important milestone in everyone’s life. You know your special someone through marriage a lot. But the best period to know them is honeymoon. It is the most important thing after marriage, since; you get to know the person better. Your honeymoon should be unforgettable and unmatchable, to make it more fun; let’s have a look on the best honeymoon destinations in India, that could make your honeymoon a great experience.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

Hill stations

Hill stations always have been a priority for couples. We all know that Shimla is considered best hill station destination for honeymoon. You can also try Darjeeling and Mussoorie. They all are well-known for the scenic beauty. The taste of nature there is pure and you would enjoy your honeymoon at fullest.

But if you want to try something in south India, you can go to Kerala. The hills there are full of greenery, and you’re going to love them. Kerala Hills, Backwater & Beach Tour package is ideal for your honeymoon if you’re interested in seeing the hills of Kerala along with beaches.


If you’re not really a hill station person, and want to explore something exciting and close to nature, then go for the economic three-day package Beaches To Backwaters Tour. The package includes Kovalam beach, then Cochin. The package is small, but offers so much to explore. If you really want to enjoy big then Hills and Backwaters of Kerala Budget Tour Package would be the best one for you. It is economic package, covering all the parts of Kerala, and making your honeymoon special.

Historic Places and Monuments

If you’re really into discovering old monuments, and places, then there are a lot of places to go. You can make Delhi your honeymoon destination, and then can go to Varanasi, for spiritual connections. How can one forget the monument of love, Taj Mahal? Agra could be a great destination of Honeymoon. If you like something offbeat, you can try Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can try flavors of Rajasthan and explore pink city. Basically, there are so many destinations to explore; all you need is a good package that can take you wherever you want.

You can also have tribal and wildlife tours, purely focusing on traditions and wildlife sanctuaries of India. If you both enjoy nature and wildlife, then these tours can surely make you closer than ever before!

You can find numerous number of tours on based on these broad topics on The site will give you best honeymoon tours, with economical and other benefits. All you have to do is to search for the package that best suits you. We have already mentioned the best destinations above, but you can always choose your own and select a package according to it.

The website is committed to deliver the best honeymoon tour to you. So I hope you’re looking for a great tour ahead, and planning to go at somewhere, which can get you closer than ever. Best wishes.